Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where in the world is Elisabeth!

Well ladies. I apologize for my absence. It seems that the last 5 months have spiralled from the normal long days to a slightly ridiculous 24 hours, 7 days a week. I almost forgot where I lived! I have had only enough time to try and help with the disaster in Mexico last month and for some local fundraising. I have at least 10 topics to cover with you and as early as next week I should have them all posted.

I do have a big request for those of you out there that can empathize with the "no time for me" scenario. WPC 2008 is not so far off in terms of scheduling sessions. I'd love to see us repeat our session but with a new twist: "Technology Secrets of the Busy Woman Executive: how to stay productive and sane."

I can see a lot of interaction and a few key speakers (and your participation, of course, is vital to making this an exciting session). Email me at if you want this session and if you want to participate! We will be heard!

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Stuart R. Crawford said...

Good to see you back Liz. I pray for you daily hoping that your world will get back to some sort of regular schedule.

My keynote that I am working on for SMB Summit in April is a simple one. Is your business creating a life or just a living!

Sounds like you are stuck in the living...needs to be about a life?

I say this as a relax in Banff for the weekend...

Love you lots my good friend